The Family Law Center For Men In Anchorage

We are the Family Law Center for Men. We hear you. We understand your  concerns, questions, fears and hopes. We can help you and protect you during this difficult time.

Serving clients from Anchorage to Wasilla, the Kenai Peninsula, and Communities Throughout Alaska

Men going through divorce worry about their jobs, their reputations, retirements, property, bills, mortgages, and debt.  They worry about their children, if they have any. Most men want to "do the right thing". They want to be fair and be treated fairly. Men don't want to be treated as villains or dehumanized.

Many men find it difficult to talk about their personal lives and problems, even with close friends. This mind-set hurts men, especially in court. Most judges are good, honest people who want to make the best decision they can with the evidence they have been given. However, judges are not mind-readers. They hear what you say but they don't always understand what you mean.

We, the Family Law Center for Men, are your voice in court.  We say and do things for you in ways that help judges understand you as a person and understand your side of the story.

We prefer to offer husbands and fathers proactive legal advice. We help men figure out what needs to happen. Unfortunately, most men wait too long to get legal help. At that point we help men figure out what just happened to them. We do this in a wide variety of legal matters, including:

We are the Family Law Center for Men, it's what we do.

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