Men Can Be Victims of Domestic Violence


1) Force you out of your home,

2) Keep you from having contact with your children,

3) Grant temporary custody of the children to the accusing spouse,

4) Require you pay child support,

5) Require you to pay spousal support, and

6) You can be made to surrender your firearms.

All of this can be done without you even being aware that it has happened, until after you are served with a protective order. Once you are served, violating a protective order is a crime.

And in all likelyhood, you will be served at work, by a police officer or state trooper, in front of your supervisor and co-workers.

It is foolish to underestimate the impact of an allegation of domestic violence.  It is naive to assume that the court will "see through her lies." If there are — or may be — allegations of domestic violence in your divorce or custody case, you need an attorney who will protect you.

Neither men nor women should be subjected to any form of domestic violence.  There is simply no excuse for it.  The difference between men and women is that most men simply won't report it or try to get help from the courts.

Sadly, false allegations of domestic violence are used to gain negotiation leverage in divorce and child custody matters.

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