Fathers' Rights And Paternity

Unmarried fathers, who never had their parental rights established by the court have no legal right to enjoy with their children. We can help you legally establish your parental rights. Without establishing your parental rights, your time with your children is subject to the whims of the mother. Mothers often use threats that the father will never see their children again as a way to control the father's life. Conversely, it is devastating to assume the role of father only to be told at a later date — often years later — that you are not the "REAL" father.

It does not have to be this way. As The Family Law Center for Men, Wyatt & Butterfield, LLC, can make things better for you. Contact our firm to discuss your situation.

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For more than 55 years, our firm's founding attorneys, Mitchell K. Wyatt and Rhonda F. Butterfield, have worked diligently on behalf of clients to safeguard their interests and preserve their rights. This approach has earned us the designation of being The Family Law Center for Men in Alaska.

Our firm provides services to fathers in a wide variety of paternity matters, including:

  • Multistate child custody
  • Shared custody of children
  • Child support matters, including determination and modification issues
  • Interim orders: These temporary orders can address child custody and support issues until a final order can be entered in your case
  • Parental alienation: You do not have to stand by and let your former partner drive a wedge between you and your children

Let our office protect your paternal rights and safeguard your family during paternity, custody, and support issues. We have the legal experience and judgment you need to fully protect your rights.

Contact us today at 907-331-6979 or online. All communications between potential clients and our firm remain confidential.