Shared Custody

Our law firm is proud to be part of the evolving attitude that tries to treat fathers with equal respect in child custody matters. Just a few decades ago, mothers were almost exclusively awarded sole custody of children. Current developments favor a "shared custody" approach where both parents are essential. To learn more about your rights as a father, we invite you to contact our firm.

Shared Custody Lawyers: Anchorage and Beyond

Shared custody doesn't always mean time is split 50-50. But, for a father to have shared custody, he must have at least 110 overnight visits (30 percent) with the child in one calendar year. Alaska's large geography complicates any shared custody of children and you need a lawyer who can develop a plan that works best for you and your children. At Wyatt & Butterfield, LLC, we understand how these rules work even in the most complicated situations faced by Alaskan fathers.

With more than 55 years of combined legal experience, Mitchell K. Wyatt and Rhonda F. Butterfield have provided reliable legal guidance to fathers in need. They regularly assist fathers fighting custody battles. They understand the complicated rules governing these disputes, and can help you understand them as well.

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