High Net Worth Property Division

Wyatt & Butterfield, LLC, wants husbands and fathers alike to know that their rights do count, especially when it comes to extremely high-value assets during a divorce. Accordingly, we make it our job to communicate your rights effectively and convincingly to the court and opposing counsel. Contact our firm to learn more about fathers' rights.

Particularly when a divorce involves high-value assets, we understand the absolute importance of making sure that men are treated fairly. The division of assets and distribution of debt involved in these scenarios often trigger issues of fairness. The perception is that divorce is like a goldmine: Wives get the gold and men get the shaft. It doesn't have to be this way.

Specialized In Handling Business Valuations, Retirement Accounts, All Kinds Of High Value Assets

We regularly represent high net worth individuals in sensitive divorce matters related to the division of valuable assets. Whatever the circumstances, we maximize confidentiality while diligently ensuring that our clients are treated fairly.

Let our experienced firm provide you with the benefit of the insights we have gained in helping clients throughout the Anchorage area and beyond. When you retain our firm, our entire team dedicates itself to your cause. We understand the unique pressures, social and legal, that you face as a divorced father. We want you to know that you have knowledgeable legal counsel in your corner ready to fight on your behalf to protect your rights and your life with your children.

Property Divisions Law For Men: Serving Anchorage And All Of Alaska

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