Why Do I Need A Business Valuation?

Most assets in your life have a clearly defined value. You have had a home appraisal; the Kelly Blue Book clearly lists your car's value; even collections like jewelry or fine art can be taken to an expert for an appraisal. Your small business, however, lacks any of these built-in mechanisms.

If you are considering divorce, or you have already started divorce proceedings, it is important to work with a skilled family law attorney who can answer your financial questions. With proper legal guidance and representation, you can avoid the pitfalls and hazards that many divorcing husbands face. An expert business valuation makes the division of property easier.

Protecting Your Assets

Divorce can be challenging. From the difficulty of dividing one household's finances into two, to any emotional turmoil that might surround the proceedings, a divorce lawyer can be a great benefit to you. Your divorce attorney can answer your questions and guide you through the proceedings in a professional, calm manner. It is our goal to ensure that your rights are protected throughout the divorce - and this includes your property and other assets.

With accurate, comprehensive property, retirement and business valuations in hand, you can increase your negotiating power. Rather than trying to determine these values through divorce mediation, you already know the exact number. After your valuations, your attorney can enter negotiations with a clear-cut strategy to protect your assets and ensure you receive a beneficial compromise.

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