Domestic Partnership

Major developments in the practice of marital law now affect men in Alaska. As part of our effort to serve as The Family Law Center for Men, we are especially equipped to handles issues in this quickly evolving area. Call or email us to discuss your specific situation.

Termination of A Domestic Partnership

While Alaska does not recognize common law marriages, its courts do recognize that people can have relationships that are not defined by a marriage license. In legal terms, this is called a "domestic partnership."

The rules governing how to dissolve these domestic partnerships remain a legal gray area. If you believe you are facing legal issues with respect to a domestic partnership, you should contact us immediately.

With more than 55 years of combined experience, our firm's founding attorneys, Mitchell K. Wyatt and Rhonda F. Butterfield, understand the law not just how it is now, but how it formed over time. In an area of flux like domestic partnerships, you want to rely on information provided by an attorney who understands how this legal process works.

Because we understand the importance of providing each client with personalized legal attention, we structured our firm so we can offer this level of personalized service to each client.

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