How Does A Prenuptial Agreement Benefit Me?

In the past, prenuptial agreements were seen in a negative light. People complained that by asking for a prenup, you were expecting to get divorced. Even worse, you were stating unequivocally that you didn't trust your spouse-to-be. Fortunately, in recent years, prenuptial agreements have come to be seen for the powerful organizational tools that they were designed to be.

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Men Should Consider Marital Agreements In Certain Instances

Marital agreements, namely prenuptial agreements, serve an important purpose in any marriage. This document is a way for men to clearly define the assets that they enter a marriage with. If you own property, vehicles, tools or valuable collectibles, a prenuptial agreement can help you list and categorize them. Since you owned these items prior to a marriage, they are called nonmarital assets.

An example of a good reason for a prenuptial agreement is in the case of a second marriage where there are children from a prior marriage. A prenup can be used to make sure that the inheritance of those children isn't converted into marital property.

Once you get married, you can continue to update this document to include new purchases - the document would now be called a postnuptial agreement, as it was created after the marriage. Many people use a postnuptial agreement to define marital and nonmarital assets, custody and visitation compromises, and decisions about retirement and pension funds. If divorce becomes a reality, a postnuptial agreement can help you avoid many lengthy disputes with your spouse.

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