Spousal Support Collection And Defense

Spousal support or alimony, is a financial payment made to a spouse before, during or after a divorce is finalized. In Alaska, post-divorce spousal support is not favored by the courts, but temporary support may be ordered. It is important that you have an experienced attorney fighting to keep your support obligations low.

Am I Entitled To Spousal Support?

There are two kinds of support in Alaska. Restorative support is usually ordered for a year and is intended to help a party adapt and transition to a lower-income lifestyle. Rehabilitative support gives dependent spouses the opportunity to be trained or educated so that they can earn more money or support themselves. When making determinations, the court will consider the age, marriage length, income differential, and potential future earnings.

Defense Against Spousal Support

In addition to helping dependent spouses collect support, we help our clients defend against support obligations. Our clients include doctors, engineers, business owners and other professionals seeking fair settlements. Alaska does favor providers in this area of law and tries to ensure that both parties live on the money they make after divorce. Courts often prefer an unequal distribution of property over spousal support. If you have a spousal support issue it is important to contact us today so we can defend your property.

Let Us Help You Protect What Matters Most.

Our firm has the strength and expertise to handle your case. While we work to pursue cost-effective settlements, we are prepared to take any case to trial to protect your rights. If you need help or want to know more contact us today at 907-331-6979 or online. All communications between potential clients and our firm remain entirely confidential.