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Family Law For Men.
Estate Planning And Elder Law For Everyone.

Advantages of joint custody

by | Oct 12, 2018 | Family Law For Fathers

Many parents in Alaska are not thrilled when they find out that they are expected by the family court to share custody of their kids. However, splitting physical custody can be the most ideal arrangement for not only the children but also the parents.

Both parents will be responsible for disciplining the children. This means that the parents will have to collaborate with one another and support each other regarding the creation and enforcement of house rules. Being able to depend on the other parent when it comes to discipline can be particularly helpful as the children grow older and are tempted to discover how far they can test authority.

Another benefit of sharing joint physical custody is that both parents will have to develop a routine. Exes will have to work with each other to determine what type of scheduling will work for both of them. They have many choices when it comes to scheduling custody times. For example, they can alternate certain days of the week or have the children stay with each parent for a week at a time. When they have a schedule that they agree on and works best for the children, it will be easy for the parents to plan ahead for other aspects of their lives.

Family law attorneys for men may assist fathers with unresolved custody issues by considering the factors of the case and suggesting certain legal strategies that should be pursued to obtain the desired terms. Legal counsel may protect the rights of the father during custody determination hearings and litigate to obtain modifications to existing child support orders. Ultimately, this could help ensure that the father is able to spend sufficient time with their children.