Both mothers and fathers in Alaska have the right to pursue custody of their children. However, there are certain tips that fathers should remember when going through the process. For example, dads will benefit from a solid relationship with their children. This may mean calling regularly or otherwise making sure that the child understands that their father is available at any time.

Other evidence of a strong relationship with a child can include going to birthday parties and school events. Attending religious ceremonies and sporting events can also bolster a father’s case in court. Furthermore, it’s important to pay child support or otherwise support the child financially even if no order is in place.

Those who are pursuing custody should be ready to welcome the child into their home. Ideally, the child will have his or her own room or some other dedicated area within a home or apartment. It will also be necessary to show that there is enough money to provide care or that a father can increase his income to sufficiently provide for the child after obtaining custody. Finally, fathers are encouraged to be respectful to the child’s other parent at all times.

Seeking out a family law attorney may help a father increase his chances of obtaining custody. An attorney may provide insight into what a judge is looking for when creating a custody order. In most cases, both parents share custody or play a significant role in a child’s life. It is also possible for parents to come together to create a parenting plan in lieu of a judge creating one.