How unmarried fathers can play a role in their child's life

When a child is born in Alaska, the mother's husband is generally considered the legal father. However, if a father is not married to the mother when the child is born, he may have to take steps to gain rights to his son or daughter. In some cases, the father's name will be put on the child's birth certificate. He can also voluntarily acknowledge paternity after the child is born.

If a man is considered the father of a child, he may have to pay child support. He could also be given custody rights to the child if he is fit to have them. In the event that the parents are living together, there may be no need for a formal custody and child support order. Otherwise, a child's parents can come together to create a parenting plan if they are able to work together. There is a strong chance that a court will approve the plan if it meets the needs of the child.

Child support amounts are determined by the details of a given case. Common factors used to determine the level of financial support a father must provide include the income of both parents and if there are other children who need to be taken care of as well. Once a support order has been created, it will be enforceable until it is modified or withdrawn for any reason.

Fathers in Alaska who are seeking access to their children may benefit from having an attorney. A legal professional may be able to help a client show that the child will be welcomed into a safe home. An attorney could also work to show that a parent has a stable income and an ability to handle any special physical or emotional needs that a son or daughter might have.

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