Alaska fathers who have lost custody of their children may be able to get it back. The first step in the process is to determine why custody was taken away. In some cases, it may be because a father violated a court order or is being accused of abusing or neglecting the child. Therefore, a judge determined that it wasn’t in the child’s best interest for a dad to retain custody.

In some cases, the court will place conditions on how or when a dad can regain custody of his children. For instance, it may be possible to get custody back after completing counseling or completing a drug or alcohol treatment plan. In many cases, simply adhering to a court order is the fastest and most effective way to get custody back in a timely manner.

Even if complying with a court order won’t automatically lead to regaining custody of a son or daughter, it will help a father to curry favor with the court. When all factors are considered in a case, those who are seen to be flexible and willing to change their ways could be more likely to regain custody. In the meantime, fathers should visit with their children regularly to show that they are committed to being in their lives.

Dads in Anchorage who are in the midst of a child custody case are urged to remain calm and patient. Furthermore, they will ideally avoid calling out the other parent or the judge who took custody away. Instead, it may be better to have an attorney who may provide insight into how to regain custody or greater parental rights. An attorney may help to gather evidence for the noncustodial parent to improve his chances of obtaining a favorable outcome.