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The importance of focusing on children in a parenting schedule

Creating a parenting schedule for parents in Alaska who are getting a divorce can present some challenges. The purpose of such a schedule is to ensure that the child's relationship with each parent is maintained, but some parents may be tempted to use it as a weapon to get back at one another or look on it as something they might win or lose. Instead of taking this approach, parents should look at the situation from the child's point of view.

Reasons to leave a financial adviser when a marriage ends

Getting a divorce in Alaska may mean getting a separate financial adviser as well. This is partially because it is important to be as independent as possible during the divorce process. It is also because there could be conflicts of interest if one spouse has a stronger relationship with the former couple's current financial adviser. An attorney may be able to suggest an adviser to work with, and ideally, an individual will receive at least two names.

How to cope and then succeed as a dad after divorce

If you are about to begin your divorce process, one of the main worries you can have is with custody and how much time you will be spending with your kids. The good news for dads is that even though history has shown that moms have typically received more custody time than dads, that statistic is changing. The courts are recognizing that both the mother and the father should be granted the same amount of time when raising the children.

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