If you are like most people, you likely constantly post on Facebook and other social media. But you may well wish to reconsider this idea if and when you divorce. 

FindLaw warns that posting personal information on Facebook, et al once you and your spouse decide to divorce can come back to haunt you. Over two-thirds of the nation’s divorce attorneys freely admit that social media becomes their number one source of unfavorable information about their clients’ spouses which they then use against the spouses in court. 

Facebook “yeses” 

For your own protection, you should review your past Facebook posts to see if you have revealed personal information you now think you should delete. Unfortunately, your friends have probably reposted many of them, but at least your spouse’s attorney can no longer find them in your own account. 

Recheck your Facebook privacy settings and reset them to allow as few people as possible to access your account. Keep in mind, however, that no social media account is totally secure, no matter what the provider tells you. 

Facebook “nos” 

Until your divorce becomes finalized, never post any of the following: 

  • The name, description, photos or any other information about anyone you begin dating 
  • The descriptions, addresses or photos of any place you are now living or thinking about moving to 
  • The descriptions or photos of any major purchases you make 
  • The descriptions, times or photos of places where you go to socialize 
  • Any photos that show you in a compromising or explicit sexual situation 

If you feel you must tell some people any of the above, do so only person-to-person. As for photos, simply forego sharing them until you are once again single.