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Fathers can help their kids to deal with divorce

Many fathers in Alaska may be concerned about the impact of divorce on their relationship with their children. Being separated from and losing his or her connection with his or her kids can be a major concern for any divorcing parent, but especially for fathers. However, keeping some key guidelines in mind throughout the process should help fathers build a supportive environment for their children that fosters the relationship long after the divorce is finalized.

Fathers may be entitled to custody too

While mothers may be thought of as the principal caretaker in a child's life, this is not always the case. As a general rule, fathers in Alaska and throughout the United States have the right to seek custody of their children. Obtaining custody allows them to make decisions for their children. The ideal scenario may be one in which parents share custody. However, this isn't always feasible.

Circumstances that influence visitation rights for fathers

Family courts in Alaska determine visitation and custody arrangements for parents who are seeking a divorce or were never married. People have the right to create a visitation schedule between themselves without a court having to impose a decision. Their separation or divorce agreements could explain the scheduling and duration of visitations. These are known as reasonable visitation rights because they were worked out by parents capable of communicating and cooperating.

Paternity can establish your right to raise your child

Alaska fathers may not have been married when their children were born, but that does not mean they aren't rightful parents. If you break up with the mother, however, you might not be able to see your child again unless you take legal action.

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