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Family Law For Men.
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Can accurate records help dads gain custody?

by | Jul 1, 2019 | Family Law For Fathers

The courts in Alaska should not discriminate against dads when deciding who gets custody of kids after a divorce, but it may still be hard for you to obtain joint or full custody of your children. If the mother of your children is also filing for custody of your children, it is important that you are prepared for what could be a lengthy custody battle. Verywellfamily offers some tips to help dads who are seeking custody of their children.

One thing fathers can do to help their case is to keep up on child support payments. Those who have an informal arrangement with the mother should have a written letter from her or keep receipts when payments are made. If you struggle with your child support payments, you can request a modification.

Another thing to keep accurate records of is how often you visit your children. Keep track of your visitation schedule and create a detailed parenting plan. Maintain your plan even when it is difficult because you can submit it to the court when it is time to decide who gets custody of the kids.

If you plan to seek custody of your children, a judge will want to see that you are fully prepared to take responsibility for your children. Come prepared to any meetings or hearings with intelligent responses about the child’s education, living accommodations, financial preparedness and after-school activities.

Parents who want to forego the stress and trauma of a trial and prefer to negotiate a parenting schedule or custody agreement can also opt to consider arbitration or mediation. In these situations, a neutral third party helps both sides reach an agreement so that everyone can avoid a lengthy, expensive court battle.

This information is intended for educational purposes and should not be interpreted as legal advice.