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Can technology help with visitation?

by | Oct 19, 2019 | Family Law For Military Members

When Alaskan residents like you get a divorce, you will have to deal with matters of visitation. Unfortunately, as an active member of the military, visitation schedules won’t be as straightforward for you as they might be for others. We at Wyatt & Butterfield, LLC, are here to help you figure out potential alternatives to traditional visitation schedules.

As an active member of the military, you often have no say over where you will be stationed. Additionally, your location may change many times throughout a year. You may be stationed in dangerous areas, or so far away from your child that it is not reasonable to expect them to be able to physically visit you frequently. Fortunately, technology has developed in ways that allow you to visit with your child no matter where you are.

The first things to look into are video-based applications or programs. With these, you not only get to talk to your child, but see their face and vice versa. This can be an important part of retaining a connection with your child, especially if they are young. Additionally, there are services that allow you to schedule emails or other messages. This allows you to write communication in advance and have it sent out without you having to worry about your hectic schedule forcing you to disappear without a word.

If you are a member of the military who is currently looking into how you can make visitation scheduling work for you, consider some of the above options as a starting point. Working with a professional can help you figure out even more options.