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Does shared custody work for military families?

by | May 22, 2020 | Family Law For Military Members

Alaskan parents have a lot to deal with in a divorce. If they deal with kids on top of that, it is even more complex. And if they are a military family, then custody matters become even more confusing.

So how do you handle matters of child custody as a military family? Is it possible to share custody if one parent is in the military?

Sharing custody with military parents

The National Conference of State Legislatures looks into this question. They talk about how custody looks in military families. In short, it is possible to have shared custody even with a parent in the military. Most states have special exemptions that military families may look into. The courts know custody does not work for military families as it does for everyone else. In recent years, these concerns have grown, too.

The acts that govern military custody issues take many military-specific problems into consideration. For example, what happens if you face short notice deployment? What if your stay gets extended? What if you get stationed somewhere far away for a long period of time?

Co-parenting around military schedules

Military families value flexibility. Even after a divorce, many parents still wish to co-parent together. They want to provide a child with a stable home life. As studies show, having both parents in the child’s life is the best way to do this. Courts also prioritize flexibility because of this. Parents do not face penalties if they miss visitations due to military deployment. You can also make temporary changes to arrangements during longer deployment. This holds value for many military families of divorce.