Estate Planning Alaska


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The Basics of Estate Planning in Alaska


Estate Planning Alaska sectionAlthough many people believe this is something only the sick, elderly, or wealthy require, estate planning in Alaska covers aspects of everyone’s lives. Therefore, since it is so important and inherently complex, it is good to learn a bit about what it consists of and then contact a reputable law firm to begin the process.

Estate planning refers to the legal practice of preparing written directions for your family and executor to follow in the event that you become disabled or die. This ensures that your wishes are known while you are still capable of expressing them.

In addition to elements like the power of attorney and conservatorship, a customized estate plan determines how the estate is managed while they are alive, if they become incapacitated, or after they die. The estate consists of the person’s assets, personal belongings, property, and any debts or taxes owed.

Estate law is complicated. Contact an estate planning attorney in Anchorage from Wyatt & Butterfield, LLC, for more information.


Alaska Laws About the Estate Planning Process


Alaska Laws About Estate PlanningConsulting with a law office experienced in handling Alaska laws about estate planning is a vital step in preparing wills. They can outline the important decisions you will need to make to ensure your will is valid, including those related to healthcare.

Estate plans address essential details like the following:

  • Choosing a legal guardian
  • End-of-life plan
  • Estate administration
  • Estate taxes
  • Financial decisions
  • Life insurance
  • Living trust
  • Long-term care
  • Medical care
  • Organ donation

When a person dies without a will or their will is invalid, their estate is intestate, and the probate process begins. The court might appoint an executor or a friend or family member as the administrator to determine how your assets and property will be distributed.

A probate law firm can help make the transition easier and may even be assigned to handle the estate.


Alaska Estate Planning Laws

Full-service estate planning attorneys familiar with Alaska estate planning laws offer legal advice on various matters that their clients require to avoid probate. Since a person’s estate is as individual as they are, it is essential to select a law office practicing law that benefits their unique situation.

For example, for those whose estate includes ownership in a company, choosing an estate planning lawyer with experience in business law can assist with business succession planning. They can draft, review, and edit documents necessary for the planning of the estate.


Simple Steps to Estate Planning in Alaska


Simple Steps to Estate PlanningProbate law attorneys knowledgeable of Alaska law requirements offer simple steps to estate planning among the legal services they provide. As trusted estate planning and elder law attorneys, Wyatt & Butterfield, LLC, practices helping families with asset protection planning and other financial matters related to estate planning in Alaska, elder law, and healthcare/ Medicaid planning.

The range of issues many families and seniors face are better addressed through wise and pre-emptive measures before a crisis arises. The right law office can offer sound advice and help draw up the essential legal documents to ensure that your wishes are carried out.

The right lawyer will take time to develop a strong attorney-client relationship with you while they peruse your information and create a full-service plan to ensure your estate doesn’t go to probate court.


Why Bother Estate Planning in Anchorage?


Estate planning in Anchorage is an essential step in a person’s life. Unfortunately, clients often prefer to avoid thinking of potentially depressing or stressful aspects like what will happen to their belongings. They are under the impression that their belongings will automatically pass to their spouse or children if they don’t plan for this eventuality.

Without a valid will, a person’s estate is called intestate after their death, and the courts determine to whom the assets are distributed. Having one’s wishes for their estate documented in a legally binding manner avoids this possibility.


Estate Planning Info & FAQs


Estate Planning Info FAQsFor more estate planning info & FAQs, you should consult a skilled and reliable legal advisor. Generally, people 65 or older are twice to three times as likely to plan their estate than younger people. Since untimely illnesses or accidental death can occur at any age, adults of any age need to make plans to ensure their wishes aren’t overlooked or misunderstood.

An estate plan is more than merely a will. Although the will specifies how and to whom assets are divided, full-service estate planning outlines much more. It can assign guardianship of children when you are unable to care for them. It can declare who you want to make decisions regarding your health and finances if you are incapacitated. Prospective clients should discuss their business with lawyers experienced in all relevant matters.

Lawyers with practice areas that include an advance directive, elder law, estate plans, and wills offer services that manage your long-term individual needs. Attorneys from Wyatt & Butterfield serve Wasilla, Eagle River, Chugiak, and other nearby areas in South Central Alaska. They handle a range of estate planning and elder care law needs, understand state statutes, and know exactly how to apply them to work for you.


Choose an Estate Lawyer for Your Comprehensive Estate Plan

Estate planning in Alaska allows people to make vital decisions and outline directions regarding what they want to happen after they die. This makes asset distribution more straightforward and less expensive. It also reduces the likelihood of familial arguments over what one’s descendants believe their last wishes were.

If you or a loved one is past the retirement age and needs to address critical issues related to elder law and end-of-life planning, the right estate planning lawyer will be sure that your concerns and rights are taken care of. They’ll offer you undivided attention and help you establish provisions ideal for you. Contact Wyatt & Butterfield, LLC’s team of law professionals for a consultation to plan for your future. Call our office at 907-331-6979 today.