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How can I develop a good relationship with my grandchild’s parent?

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Grandparents' Rights

Being a grandparent in a divorce situation is almost as bad as being a child because you often get stuck in the middle of things. You only want to maintain your relationship with your grandchildren, but if their parent is not on board, you may have trouble getting to see them.

Psychology Today explains that maintaining a good relationship with your ex in-law is the best way to stay connected to your grandchildren. If things do sour, your only option may be going to court. It is much better to find ways to cultivate a good relationship yourself.

Seek help

You may be able to get assistance with any concerns you have about your ability to stay in your grandchildren’s lives from a mediator or other neutral third party involved in the divorce. This person may be able to express your concerns to the parents and help ensure they understand you are willing to extend an olive branch.

Listen, too

You also want to listen when the parent expresses concerns. Let him or her know that even though you are not his or her parent, your ultimate concern is for the children so you will not do anything that could put that relationship in jeopardy.

The importance of a connection

Studies show that having grandparents in their lives is incredibly beneficial for children. You should do what you can to ensure that you can maintain the relationship you have. You may be the only place they can go to feel completely safe and secure. Often grandparents can help kids with their emotional needs during and after a divorce.