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Family Law For Men.
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How can you establish paternity?

by | Feb 27, 2020 | Family Law For Fathers

Fathers in Alaska may want to establish paternity for various reasons. We will take a look at what some of those reasons are. We will also examine the ways that you can volunteer to establish paternity. This action has many potential benefits depending on what your end goal is.

VeryWell Family takes a look at how to establish paternity. There are two ways to do this of your own accord. Were you present during the birth of your child? If so, you can sign a Declaration of Paternity. Some states also call it an Acknowledgment of Paternity. You must sign this document if you wish for your name to be on the child’s birth certificate. Doing this allows you to claim legal parentage and paternal rights.

If you were not present at the birth of the child, you can still establish paternity. You must complete an affidavit of paternity before your child turns 18. You may wish to do this before the hospital issues your child’s birth certificate. If you do not, you can apply to have the certificate altered at a later date. This process is sometimes complex. This is why experts often suggest you get the affidavit completed as soon as possible.

There are many reasons to establish paternity. You may wish to secure your future with your child even if your marriage goes south. You may want to have a legal say in raising your child. You might also want to continue to support them on a financial level no matter what. Whatever the reason, do not wait to establish paternity once you know you want to.