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How does military membership impact child custody?

by | Jul 25, 2020 | Family Law

As with any long-term situation involving child care in the military, your family may face challenging issues when it comes to custody.

The effects of deployment can cause several obstacles, but none of them are unsolvable.

Best choice

As with any child care situation, the child’s needs should be the priority. According to FindLaw, you may find that due to the chance of deployment, you may be inherently seen as a less stable choice for being the primary caregiver. This does not mean you cannot obtain custody, but rather that your living situation must be beneficial for the child in order for the arrangement to work.

You may also be able to postpone any court dates if you are currently deployed. This includes disputes over child custody.


There are unique provisions for a parent in the service to move with a child out of state. Considering the ample amount of times you usually must move while in the military, it requires a different arrangement than the usual custody laws that prevent you from moving a child out of state without ample warning.

Future plans

If you are a single parent or if both you and your spouse are military members, you need to name both a short-term and long-term caretaker that you can call upon to aid you while out of the country on work duties. In addition, leaving specific personal instructions that can help these caretakers is also necessary. Other information such as banking details, potential medical or allergy-related problems, and directions to any of your relatives’ houses is important to communicate. Choosing someone you trust and know personally can help give you peace of mind while out of the house.