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Family Law For Men.
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How does planning your funeral ease your family’s grief?

by | Feb 8, 2021 | Blog

While you recognize the inevitability of your death, you may hesitate to discuss or arrange your funeral. Overcoming your hesitation and fear helps your loved ones through one of the most difficult times of life.

AgingCare breaks down considerations for planning your funeral as part of end-of-life care planning. Share your desires with your family to ease their minds and ensure things go how you want.

Service type

Think beyond burial or cremation when describing your desired service. For instance, would you prefer interment above ground in a mausoleum or in a cemetery plot? If you prefer cremation, what do you want your family to do with your ashes? Let your loved ones if you prefer a large or small service, or if you want a religious service.

Funeral provider

You have more options than neighborhood funeral homes for handling your service. Once you know your preferred service type and specifics, research funeral homes qualified to meet your needs. Write your concerns and questions for the funeral director, and get current pricing information so you know much everything costs to budget accordingly.

Covering costs

Do you like the idea of prepaying for your funeral so your loved ones do not absorb the costs? If so, ask funeral homes about security of funds guarantees. Professionals may also have information on Alaska’s regulations regarding pre-need funeral funds. Let your family know whether you prepaid for all or a portion of your funeral and whether you made additional arrangements to cover the remaining costs.

No one enjoys discussing their death or funeral, but pushing through the discomfort benefits everyone involved. Take charge of your end-of-life care planning for your family’s peace of mind.