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Judge denies designer’s bid for emergency divorce

by | May 15, 2020 | Family Law

It goes without saying that divorce cases in Anchorage can easily become contentious. When such contention surfaces, it may be easy for people (including court officials) to become caught up in the claims made by one of the parties involved. Yet it is important to remember during this process that both sides have rights.

Sometimes those rights extend to protecting one’s property. That may include making decisions that (while perceived incorrectly by some) may ultimately be in a party’s best interests.

Designer’s husband seeks to have her leave apartment

That it was legal experts propose may be the motive behind a man’s decision to request that his soon-to-be ex-wife (child actor turned fashion designer Mary-Kate Olsen) vacate their New York City apartment. He recently vacated the couple’s lease and told Olsen that she needed to be out by the end of the month. When asked, an expert speculated that he hopes to avoid having to continue to pay rent for her to live there while their divorce case works its way through the system.

Olsen responded by petitioning for an emergency divorce, stating that he was trying to both steal her home and her property. The judge hearing the motion denied it, stating that it did not meet the standard for an emergency filing (which New York courts are currently only accepting).

Fighting to secure one’s best interests

A divorce is bound to involve emotion, yet those party to it often need to see past it in order to recognize what is in their best interests. While that may require making difficult decisions, their chances at securing a favorable outcome are often better off for it. Having an experienced attorney in one’s corner can help in making these choices.