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Family Law For Men.
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Family Law For Men.
Estate Planning And Elder Law For Everyone.

Men don’t have to go it alone

by | Jan 25, 2018 | Family Law

Men take on a lot when they face divorce – too much, really. Concerns about finances, visitation and child support, and who gets what when the property from the marriage is divided up.

Men tend to think, “I can handle this by myself. I don’t need to burden anyone else with this problem.”

If you have a friend you can tell your troubles to, you’re ahead of a lot of men. This is especially true of men in the military or who are retired from service.

Our idea

This is the thinking underlying Wyatt & Butterfield, LLC – to be a family law firm that focuses on men – fathers and husbands — going through legal transitions. We’re your voice when you’re not sure what to say, in the courtroom or at the negotiating table. Beyond that, we appreciate how disturbing this transition is for you. In many ways, it’s scarier than the challenges you encounter in the service.

Keep being your kids’ dad

You need to know, for instance, that the law doesn’t see you as undeserving of custody. While that was the case years ago, divorce courts today want to see your kids benefitting from both parents. When situations warrant, male parents are awarded primary custody of their sons or daughters.

Sometimes, amid the unhappiness of separating, fathers don’t know the best ways to respond. The worst case would be when a man calls his spouse in the middle of the night to express his anger or just to argue old differences. That is never a good idea, and can cost you in the final divorce decree.

Here are support groups meeting in the Anchorage area every day, to take the edge off your grief and anxiety. So many men have been through what you are going through. Brothers can walk one another through trying times.

That’s our message to you: Don’t go it alone. With the benefit of knowledgeable, experienced counsel, and the wisdom of people who have suffered through the same challenges, you can continue to be an involved father.

There are people who can help.