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Family Law For Men.
Estate Planning And Elder Law For Everyone.

Men may need fathers’ rights attorneys when children are involved

by | Aug 30, 2018 | Family Law For Fathers

When an Alaska couple has children together, things can get complicated if the pair decides to separate. Whether they want to maintain contact with their children or not, Alaskan fathers face a whole set of challenges.

Establishing paternity can be important in more ways than one. Sometimes, establishing paternity is important in child support cases, especially if a man wants to contest it so he doesn’t have to pay support to a child who could be someone else’s. If the couple is unmarried and the mother wants to put the child up for adoption but the man doesn’t, establishing paternity gives the father a say in the matter. Establishing paternity also gives the father the right to agree to the adoption. Paternity may be involved in child visitation and inheritance issues.

Sometimes, a father voluntarily terminates his own parental rights. Such rights can also be terminated if he abandons the child, fails to provide support, abuses the child or is ruled mentally incompetent. An involuntary termination could occur if one parent seeks to legally sever the rights of the other parent.

Navigating the legal minefield of family law for fathers can be challenging. Whatever course of action the father decides to take, he may want to consult with a attorney. A lawyer who specializes in fathers’ rights may be able to accumulate necessary evidence supporting the client’s position, draw up the necessary documents and present them to a family law court. The attorney could also be an advocate for the father, especially if his parental rights are being involuntarily terminated.