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Social media posts can jeopardize a custody battle

by | Jun 6, 2018 | Uncategorized

If you don’t think that your tweet will end up in family court, think again. Whether you’re fighting for custody or challenging a child support order, one social media slip-up as a father can land you in a compromising position if you aren’t careful. It is true that actions speak louder than words and some things are better left unsaid, or, in this case, unshared. Here are three ways that your posts on social media can affect your custody case, for the worst.

 Ridiculing your ex online

If you bad-mouth your ex online, chances are a judge will take this into consideration when issuing a custody order. If you want to be awarded custody of any kind, a judge will want to see that you can set a good example for your child and raise them in a healthy environment. Tweeting a negative comment

about your ex-partner – even if it’s true – often damages your character more than the other party’s.

Posting details about your party lifestyle

There is no shame in having a few drinks every now and then, but posting too much about your partying lifestyle could give a court the wrong impression. In a custody battle, your character and behavior will be scrutinized. If you do choose to go out and have fun, it can be a good idea to leave the details off the internet. This can include asking your fellow party-goers to refrain from tagging you in photos or statuses.

Revealing too much financial information

When it comes to paying child support, your income will be under a microscope. Even if you didn’t intend to misrepresent your income, posting about your lavish lifestyle could raise a few eyebrows if you’re trying to lower your own child support contributions. After all, if you’re taking an expensive vacation, but tell a judge that you are in debt, that could be a reason to potentially tip the scales in your ex-partner’s favor.

As a father, being a positive role model for your child is crucial. If you feel inclined to take to the internet, it may be best to write down your emotions outside of the public eye. Better yet, you may want to consider staying off of social media altogether until the dust settles with the case.