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Family Law For Men.
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Steps after being denied child visitation

by | Feb 12, 2019 | Family Law For Fathers

Parents in Alaska who are denied visitation with their children may find the experience devastating. However, before taking any action, it is important that they know exactly why their visitation rights were taken away and what they have to do to get them back.

The family court may deny child visitation if there is a concern about visitation safety or if the visitation could result in emotional or physical harm of the children. The affected parents may be required to take part in anger management work, treatment for substance abuse or parenting classes. If this occurs, it is important that the parents make every effort to be in compliance to show the court that they are committed to being able to spend time with their children again.

In many cases, in lieu of taking away all visitation rights, the courts will require that a parent undergo supervised visitation. Where the visits will occur and who acts as the supervisor may not be up to the parent.

Parents who are required to have supervised visits should obtain all of the details about how long each visit will be, who will be qualified to supervise the visits and where the visits will occur. Knowing whether the visitation order is temporary or depends on the parent completing other requirements dictated by the court is also very important.

Being delinquent with child support payments can be a concern of many parents who do not want to lose their visitation or child custody rights. However, the courts consider child support and custody as two separate issues.

Anchorage, Alaska Family law attorneys for men may work to protect the rights of fathers who have been denied child visitation. The attorney might file the necessary legal paperwork to obtain changes to existing visitation orders. Litigation may be used to restore visitation rights.