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Family Law For Men.
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Things to avoid in coparenting

by | Aug 16, 2018 | Family Law For Husbands

Parents in Alaska who are getting a divorce may face some challenges, but they can take steps to make coparenting less difficult. For example, parents should make a plan to communicate about any parenting issues that may arise. They should not use their children as conduits for communication between parents.

Neither parent should shut the other parent out of the child’s life. They should work together to try to keep rules between households reasonably consistent, but if this is not possible, neither parent should badmouth the other. Parents should not put the children in the middle of conflict or argue in front of the children. Unless the other parent is putting the child in danger, parents should also not use the threat of cutting off access to punish or manipulate one another. Children should not be questioned about the other parent.

Children’s needs must be prioritized. While self-care is important during divorce, it should not come at the expense of the children. Parents should keep their commitments to their children and be consistent in their behavior with them. On the other hand, parents may try to assuage their guilt about the divorce with gifts and lenient parenting; they should avoid this as well. Children should not be used as a support system. Parents must work on healing themselves after a divorce.

Fathers who are going through a divorce may want to contact Anchorage, Alaska, family law attorneys for husbands. There are certain issues that arise in divorce that are more common for men. For example, mothers tend to be the custodial parent instead of the father, so if a father wishes to pursue custody, he may want to talk to an attorney about the best strategy for this. Men may also have questions about spousal and child support since they are more likely to pay this than receive it.