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What are my long-term care options?

by | May 14, 2021 | Elder Law, Blog

As you age, you will eventually need to think about a plan for your long-term care. While not everyone requires these services, having a plan in place can be incredibly helpful to your family.

Medicare.gov explains there is a range of long-term care options. You should familiarize yourself with them so that you can make the best choices for your future.

Subsidized senior housing

Subsidized senior housing is an independent living option. Government programs will assist with the financial aspects. You will live in an apartment of your own, and most communities provide various care services, such as food delivery and housekeeping.

Home care

You can also have a nurse or other care provider come into your home. They will not be there around the clock in most cases, but they can assist with various tasks, such as administering medication, conducting health checkups and light housekeeping.

Nursing home

A nursing home provides 24/7 medical care. You live in a facility with other individuals who also need regular care. Nursing homes also typically offer specialized care, such as Alzheimer’s wards.

Adult daycare programs

If you live with family, you could go to an adult daycare program during the day when the adults are at work. These programs will offer activities to keep you busy and let you have fun. You will interact with other older adults. It can be nice to get out of the house and also allows your family to ensure you are safe when they are not home.

Hospice care

Hospice programs are end-of-life care if you have a terminal illness. Professionals will come to you or you can live in a hospice facility. You will have around-the-clock care. These programs focus mainly on your comfort and quality of life.

You should consider several options since you need to plan for various health situations that may have different care needs.