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What should a parenting plan include?

by | May 26, 2020 | Family Law For Fathers

A parenting plan is the details about the custody and care of your children. It includes a lot of information that helps ensure stability for your children and holds you and the other parent to your responsibilities. It may outline everything from custody to support.

The Alaska Court System explains it is best for you and your children if you and the other parent can create a parenting plan together instead of having the court make the decisions. There are certain details you want to include in the plan to ensure you cover all the important aspects.

Physical custody

You will want to create a general plan for custody, including visitation and details about holidays, vacations and other special occasions. The details should also cover transportation, including who pays for it, and travel, such as out of state vacations.

Decision making

You also want to discuss legal custody, which is who has decision making power over the children. Ideally, you will share this so you both can have control over your children’s lives and what happens to them.


Your parenting plan needs to also work out child support. It must be fair and provide adequate financial care for your children. It should also include details about who covers medical insurance. You may also want to include details about extracurricular activities and who will pay for them. If your children are older, you may also want to touch on paying for college or other expenses, such as car insurance. This part of your parenting plan will probably be the most detailed because you want to ensure clarity when it comes to finances.