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Why should you argue for shared custody?

by | Jun 11, 2020 | Family Law For Fathers

Alaska parents like you have a lot of decisions to make when moving forward with divorce. You must handle matters of assets and spousal support. On top of that, you also need to dedicate time and energy to figuring out your custody situation.

In the heat of the moment, you may feel tempted to wish for certain outcomes. But in the end, you should always put your child’s well-being before anything else. For that reason, you may wish to argue for shared custody.

Fewer hurdles for kids of shared custody

VeryWell Family takes a look at a few of the benefits associated with shared custody. Studies prove the effectiveness of shared custody in helping children of divorce. Children of shared custody tend to have fewer adjustment problems. They have less trouble with anxiety and depression. They are less likely to develop issues like post traumatic stress disorder. They have fewer issues connecting with peers. They do not have as much conflict with authority figures like teachers. They also tend to develop better coping mechanisms.

Why does shared custody help?

Researchers try to figure out why this happens. Many believe it is due to the stability that a two-parent household provides. After a divorce, you and your ex-spouse likely will not live together anymore. But in a sole custody situation, a child may not get to see the non-custodial parent often. In some cases, they may never see that parent again. The younger a child is, the more heavily life changes impact them. Facing the turmoil of a life after divorce is often traumatizing. The trauma is worse without both parents. You can help cut down on that trauma by opting to share custody instead.