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Family Law For Men.
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Why should you establish paternity?

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Family Law For Fathers

Are you a father in Alaska? Have you established paternity on an official level yet? Some people may ask why establishing paternity is necessary in the first place.

Today we will answer that question. We will take a look at the benefits that establishing paternity offers to the child and you.

What are primary reasons to establish paternity?

The Alaska Court System looks at reasons to establish paternity. The four primary reasons they quote are for:

  • Health
  • Identity
  • Support
  • Financial benefits

Knowing the father’s medical history is important. It helps predict potential health problems in a child. Children are also often eligible for insurance through their father’s place of work. Fathers also offer the child military or union service. If the father is American Indian or Alaska Native, they may also access the Indian Health Service.

For identity, it is important for a child’s development. For children who do not know their fathers, they run into many hurdles when growing up. Knowing both parents provides a feeling of security. It also helps children identify themselves.

Financial support for your child

Support and financial benefits share similarities. State law requires both parents to support their child. The child also has a right to financial benefits from not one, but both parents. Examples include disability or Social Security benefits, veteran’s benefits, and inheritance rights. Unfortunately, a child cannot claim these benefits if you do not establish paternity.

If you do not establish paternity, you also miss out on rights that fathers have. This includes the ability to have a say in matters like schooling and healthcare. If you are not the father in the eyes of the law, you do not have these rights.