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Family Law For Men.
Estate Planning And Elder Law For Everyone.

Why you need a will

by | Jan 4, 2021 | Uncategorized

Drafting a will requires you to think about the end of your life and what you want to happen after you are no longer here. It forces you to confront your own mortality, which can be stressful. However, it is an essential document that you need to take time to carefully consider.

At Wyatt & Butterfield, LLC, we want to help you ensure that you have the right estate documents in place to protect your assets and family.

The state steps in

If you fail to create a proper will or any type of estate plan, the state will step in and make decisions on your behalf. These decisions may not be according to your wishes. The state will consult with Alaska law and not the people in your life to figure out who gets what.

While this may work if you have a spouse and no children, it can become complicated if you have various people to whom you wish you take care of after your death. The court will likely award everything to one person or split it evenly among your next of kin.

Move it along

Another important point of having a will is that you can ensure your loved ones do not have to wait before getting access to your estate. Many times, your estate can bypass probate. Your loved ones will get access to the accounts and money they need to take care of their immediate needs. Having to wait for an estate to clear probate could mean financial struggles for your living heirs.

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