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Family Law For Men.
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Are you acting as both dad and caregiver to your child?

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Family Law For Fathers

While being a divorced dad to your child and helping to build a life for him or her in Alaska is great, it is good to ask if you can do more. For instance, are you also acting as a caregiver to your son or daughter?

Forbes focuses on the importance of fathers filling the role of caregiver in their child’s life. Learn more about what this entails and how it can enrich your life as well as your child’s life.

Caregiving is not just for mothers

Unfortunately, the fact still stands that mothers act as the main caregiver for children, while fathers maintain their regular work schedule. Recent efforts to encourage men to act as caregivers focus on the benefits for fathers and children. For instance, men who handle more caregiving duties often enjoy longer life longevity and take better care of their health and themselves in general by not drinking or smoking as much.

Taking time off work

Maybe you are the divorced father of a newborn baby or an adopted child. If so, have you considered taking paternity leave? More and more companies offer paid paternity leave, making it easier and less of a financial hassle for fathers to spend more time with their kids and not have to worry about lost income.

Benefiting children and mothers

Children also enjoy the fruits of fathers who take more of a caregiver role. Better mental health, lower instances of delinquency and improved cognitive development are a few reported benefits. Your child’s mother could have a higher salary when you act as a caregiver, which is sure to impact any child support agreements included as part of your divorce.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.