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Family Law For Men.
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Divorce, children and threats from your spouse

by | Jul 6, 2020 | Family Law

When people decide to end their marriage, some have an especially difficult time, such as parents. For example, some parents have to deal with combative spouses who are very upset with their decision to file for a divorce. Some make threats, such as claims that one will never have the ability to see their kids ever again. Some people also make financial threats related to child support and even come up with false allegations.

Our law firm recognizes the heavy toll that these threats take on those preparing to end their marriage. Make sure you work through the divorce process with care and understand steps you can take to protect your rights.

Custody and divorce

If you are a parent, child custody is likely one of the most emotionally challenging facets of the divorce process that you will deal with. If your ex is not cooperating, this facet of family law will quite possibly present hurdles and you need to have confidence in the approach you take. Whether you are pursuing sole custody, shared custody or even visitation rights, make sure you have carefully reviewed different factors that influence custody decisions and present your case properly in court.

Dealing with lies

Sometimes, a bitter spouse comes up with hurtful lies that shatter a parent’s reputation. These lies sometimes jeopardize one’s career, relationship with their kids and other aspects of their lives. If your spouse is making threats, understand the potential impact of their hostility. Sometimes, these feelings subside, while others last for the rest of one’s life and make shared parenting especially difficult. Review our site for more on family law.