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Family Law For Men.
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Divorced parents spar over son’s gender identity

by | Nov 13, 2019 | Family Law For Fathers

While divorce does indeed bring with it a certain sense of finality, it does not necessarily represent the end of a couple’s association in Anchorage. If the two share children together, they must continue to try and work together in the raising of that child. Fathers, in particular, may often be viewed as being disadvantaged in such a situation. While family law typically does not recognize a bias towards mothers or fathers, social perceptions often tend to favor mothers in custody cases, with the assumption being that their nurturing instincts allow them better insight into what may be best of their children. Because of this, fathers may have to fight to have an active voice in their kids’ care.

An example of this is currently playing out in Texas, where a father has expressed concern over his ex-wife claims that their son is a transgender girl. He says that the boy does not identify as a girl while he is with him. His ex-wife, however, says that the 7-year-old is indeed transgender, and used the fact that the father refused to recognize this as justification for her seeking to haver their joint custody agreement modified. A jury initially sided with her, authorizing her to have full authority over the child’s medical care. Yet a judge later reversed that decision, saying that any treatment that the child may receive in the future (including any aimed at a potential gender reassignment) needs to be agreed upon by both parents.

This case demonstrates the vigor that fathers are often required to fight with in order to maintain some degree of control over their kids’ lives. Those needing to mount such a fight may find a valuable ally in the form of an experienced family law attorney.