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Family Law For Men.
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How children benefit from involved fathers

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Family Law For Fathers

It is becoming more common for divorcing parents to share custody rather than the mother receiving sole custody and the father getting visitation. This comes about as parenting roles continue to shift and the understanding of the important role that a father has to play in a child’s life continues to expand.

Nevertheless, even when parents share custody, it is usually not an even split, and it is often the father who is at a disadvantage. Statistics concretely demonstrating the positive effect that an involved father can have on a child may help to support the case for a more even division of parenting time between the two parents.

Academic achievement

According to the University of Texas, children with involved fathers are more likely to finish high school, go on to college and ultimately find stable employment compared to their peers whose fathers are distant or absent. Children with involved fathers are also likely to do better in school, being 45% less likely to repeat a grade and 39% more likely to earn mostly A’s.

Responsible sexual choices

Teen pregnancies are less common among children of involved fathers by 75%. According to Fatherly, teenage girls in particular who have strong relationships with their fathers are less likely to take sexual risks. A teenage girl with an involved dad may expect meaningful long-term relationships from men, while one whose father is distant may learn not to trust men to make the investment required.

Upstanding citizenship

Children with involved fathers tend to stay out of trouble. Compared to their peers, they are 60% less likely to commit a serious violation of school rules resulting in expulsion or suspension and 80% less likely to serve any jail time.

A relationship with both parents is a child’s right. Statistics such as these demonstrate why significant parenting time spent with the father is to a child’s benefit.