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Family Law For Men.
Estate Planning And Elder Law For Everyone.

Is divorce harder for men than women?

by | Sep 1, 2020 | Family Law For Husbands

Divorce creates challenges that may have you wondering if life will ever feel effortless and exciting again. While your new separation may impact your life and the life of your spouse in different ways, being a man may expose you to distinct challenges that your former wife may not face.

Understanding how and why divorce may affect you differently and on a deeper level than women may help you prepare to navigate this life-altering change with courage and confidence.

Unique challenges

As a man, chances are you want to appear strong and resilient when you may actually feel broken and hopeless. Divorce is undoubtedly difficult for everyone but may prove more difficult for you in some ways than it is for your former wife. According to Psych Central, research suggests that denial of a failing relationship may prevent you from acknowledging and starting to grieve until later in your divorce which may ultimately prolong the time it takes for you to move on.

You may unintentionally turn to coping mechanisms you otherwise would not consider in an effort to create a distraction and provide comfort. You may fall into depression and if not carefully managed, your chances of suffering health problems including heart attacks and strokes may increase. Additionally, if you are the victim of misinformation that threatens to compromise your reputation or career, the emotional trauma and stress may impact your ability to stay focused on critical daily tasks.

Getting through

Relying on a stable and supportive network, you may find solace and comfort as you navigate the challenges of your changing relationship. Recognizing your divorce as a permanent change and listing the ways it may improve your life can help you identify the good and remain optimistic.