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The importance of grandparents in a child’s life

by | Dec 11, 2019 | Grandparents' Rights

In Alaska, even in the midst of a divorce, it is crucial for children to retain the support and love of their families. This includes the support of grandparents. In fact, a grandparent’s role in a child’s life is invaluable.

Psychology Today explains how grandparents have had an important role in human survival. It is beneficial for the grandparents and the grandchild to have one another in their lives. Most researchers believe that the best way to raise children is with a system of people who love and support the family. Grandparents provide extra support.

When grandparents are in a grandchild’s life, the children tend to grow up happier and healthier as adults. Children who have grandparents in their life show fewer signs of depression symptoms, according to Fatherly. Grandparents have knowledge that the parents and others in the life of the child may not have. It can be beneficial to the family unit to have those who already raised children involved. Grandparents can provide support to the mother or father of the children and offer experience and advice. Children need close and caring relationships to be able to thrive.

One study shows that grandfathers become more involved in a grandchild’s life as he grows older. The time spent with grandchildren not only allows the kids to feel the support and love from multiple family members, but it can also help the grandparents. Grandparents who are in their grandchildren’s lives tend to live longer. Additionally, those who spend time watching or caring for their grandchildren may have less likelihood of Alzheimer’s.