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Family Law For Men.
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What can you do to strengthen your custody case?

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Family Law For Fathers

As an Alaskan man, you might wonder if family courts stack the deck against you and your custody claims. The misconception that a single mother is always better at raising children than a single father is tough to shake. You may be the parent in a better position to take care of your children in a shared or full custody arrangement.

One way to help prove that is by establishing a parenting plan that is clear and comprehensive.

Understand custody considerations

As the Alaskan Courts describe on their website, a parenting plan takes several factors into consideration to determine what serves the best interest of your children.

Some of these factors include basic physical, emotional and social needs. Other factors include more abstract concepts like affection between each child and parent along with a parent’s willingness.

Draft up a clear plan

To protect your rights as a father, you may wish to show that willingness with a parenting plan that goes into detail about your availability. Providing evidence against alleged domestic violence or substance abuse may help provide a solid foundation. Creating a schedule that shows you able to work around your work and life to meet your children’s needs in a comprehensive manner builds on that foundation.

Having a clear parenting plan, at least on your end, may help show your spouse the hard facts in mediation — you deserve to exercise your father’s rights. If it goes to trial, having your plan organized and clear may help show the family courts that you thought this through and promise to commit to providing your children with their best interests.