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Why do children deserve equal time with fathers?

by | May 6, 2021 | Blog, Family Law For Fathers, Family Law For Husbands

After a divorce, the courts order child custody by assessing the best interests of your children. As a father, you may worry that you will not receive equal time with your children. Many men worry about favored mothers in the court system.

However, according to Live Science, children benefit from a relationship with both parents and equal time between you and your ex-spouse.

Time with fathers benefits relationships with both parents

In the past, there were claims that children who spent too much at their father’s home in infancy and early childhood would damage their bond with their mother. Research showed the opposite, however. Children benefit from spending time and staying overnight at both parents’ homes. The previous belief came from the idea that the mother-child bond held more importance in a child’s life.

Fathers who care for their children in the early stages have a better bond with their children. They develop more parenting skills when they have a role in the evening and morning routine. Fathers and babies can learn more about each other. It also gives mothers a break from parenting obligations and can reduce stress.

Equal time improves future relationships with parents

Age is important when it comes to the study regarding equal parenting time—children at the age of two and under benefit the most from equal time with parents. The benefits remain with them into adulthood. Researchers surveyed over 100 college students. Those students who spent equal time with both parents in early childhood had a better relationship with their parents as adults.